Jan. 21: Didgeridoo Workshop & Australia Day Events at Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park

didgeridooHOME_3448:30 am. Experience a taste of The Land Down Under — the plants and culture of Australia are as close as Boyce Thompson Arboretum SP. Sign up soon for the two-day class where participants will build their own didgeridoo from a dried agave stalk, and learn to play the growling, howling, haunting aboriginal instrument using the hard-to-master technique known as circular breathing (didge class pre-registration is $180, call 520-689-2723 to prepay). Visitors will have a chance for guided walk-a-bout tours of the Australian plant collections, and after 1:30 pm the eucalyptus forest will echo with stories of life in the Outback, and the droning call of the didgeridoo played during a 90-minute storytelling session, concert and didge-jam.

Watch highlights of last year’s event in a video by Volunteer Mike Rolfe.


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